What are some of the latest changes? What opportunity does it bring to your company?

?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址The China market is truly mobile-first-and it is thriving. According to a CNNIC (China Internet

Network Information Center) report, there are 829 million netizens in China, 98.6 percent of whom access t?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址

he internet using mobile devices. The support of emerging infrastructure-for example, the fast development of 4G and

5G in China, plus cheaper data packages and the greater accessibility of smartphones and apps for developing pop?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址

ulations-has meant an influx of heavy downloads and app activity that is predicted to continue.

?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址女神会所In addition, China is also a dominant leader in terms of both app downloads and in-app consumer spending. With its str

ong international presence, China’s potential as an app ma?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址rket has jumped exponentially in the

past year or two and is expected to hit 120 billion downloads and $62.4 billion in consumer spending by 2022.

Under the trend of more refined advertising, AppsFlyer can help advertisers determ?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址女神会所

ine which campaigns are successful, where and when-serving as a go-to resource for deciding how to select effici

ent distribution platforms for advertisers. We see a huge opportunity in the China market, reflect?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址

ed in the strong demand for data tracking and marketing attribution, and the strong willingness of Ch

inese companies to enter the global market. With the common goal of making Chinese comp?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址

anies successful, this will be a win-win cooperation for us and our Chinese customers.

Since more and more firms are targeting overseas markets, what major challenges do you think they are facing??爱亚愽娱乐官网网址女神会所

It depends on the regions they are targeting and the medi

?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址a partners they are cooperating with. Different markets bring different opportuni

ties and challenges. Through our partnerships with 5,000 media sources and technology i?爱亚愽娱乐官网网址女神会所

ntegrations, we can help marketers and advertisers achieve their goals in practically ev

ery corner of the globe. In short, this is a platform that allows any company to go global.